Learn About Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Development

Women often feel heavy, uneven, and painful breasts, which is normal because breasts change with age and hormonal changes. However, some studies show breast cancer development manifests some common symptoms like heavy breasts, breast pain, etc., making it difficult for women to recognize them. 

According to statistics, in India, 14% of cancer cases comprise breast cancer, with most cases diagnosed in advanced stages, decreasing survival rates of cancer patients. Hence, It is very important to educate women to recognize the signs of breast cancer and consult an oncologist seeking breast cancer treatment in Mumbai in time.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Different people see different signs of breast cancer, whereas some people do not observe any symptoms. However, some alarming signs of breast cancer include:

  • New lump formations that are usually hard 
  • Dimpling and crackling of breast skin in the areolar area
  • Scaly skin on the breast
  • Redness and lump formation in the armpit 
  • Discharge other than milk, including blood and fluid discharge
  • Changed shape or size of breasts/uneven breasts
  • Irritation and pulling sensation in the breast area

Note: Some of the above signs may occur even if you do not have breast cancer.

If you observe any of the above signs that make you anxious, then visit our center for proper diagnosis and breast cancer treatment in Mumbai.

What Is Normal Breast?

Most women see slight abnormalities in the breast that do not bother them, such as uneven breast, lumpy breasts, drooping breasts, etc. A breast’s look and feel depends on several factors such as pregnancy, menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, obesity, and age. 

You can expect your breasts to look normal and even-sized most of your life with no bigger noticeable changes. Some temporary lumps may appear and dissolve, but you must consult a gynecologist and oncologist if lumps become thicker and harder.

 What Causes Breast Cancer?

Cancer arises when cells undergo a mutation that is a sudden change in cells’ anatomy and divide increasingly without dying as per their lifecycle. When the breast cells undergo any sudden change, it starts manifesting anomalous symptoms, discussed above. Since the cells divide rapidly, breast growth with lump formation is commonly observed in breast cancer cases. 

Who Are At A Higher Risk?

The breast cancer risk is almost inevitable as part of womanhood, such as:

  • Old age
  • Expanded mammary glands, especially in post-pregnancy
  • Family history of ovarian and breast cancer
  • Personal history of breast cancer or any other cancer(mostly metastatic cancer)
  • Previous treatments of radiation therapy

How Can Women Be Cautious Against Breast Cancer?

By being knowledgeable, one can either prevent or minimize the breast cancer risk to a huge extent. Women should take self-examination at least once a month and check for lump presence in the breasts. They should also check for any anomaly or beware of the described symptoms. 

A huge percentage of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in later stages, reducing survival chances. The basic reason is; women do not notice the changes, and those who notice them, shy off discussing with the right doctor. 

What To Do If You Suspect A Lump Of Breast Cancer?

On observing any massive breast changes, you must consult a gynecologist who may refer you to an oncologist. The oncologist may ask for the following diagnostic tests:

  • Blood tests 
  • Scan
  • Mammograms

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