Coronavirus: Tips to Improve lung health after a COVID-19 recovery

Today if any one of us suffers from fever, cold, cough and respiratory problems, we get worried that we are Covid Positive. Like other respiratory illness, COVID19 can cause lasting lung damage. So, it’s necessary to follow these tips to improve lung health after Covid19 recovery.

1. Cardio Workouts 

You can opt for any activity which ramps up your breathing because its a good way to restore your lungs capacity and allow the blood to flow. Cardio activities like cycling, swimming, jumping and jogging exercises must be in your to-do list when you are on your path to recovery. Yoga asanas are also the best option to boost immunity and rebuild functionality.

2. Avoid pollution 

If you have recently recovered from COVID-19 or have come across lung health problems, then you must avoid exposure to pollution. Go out only if it’s mandatory with necessary precautions, take medications and care. Steam inhalations and detox habits are also good after you recover. COVID19 can reinfect you anytime if the preventive measures are not followed seriously.

3. Boosting lung capacity after Covid-19

COVID-19 patients have been admitted to hospitals when infected by the virus. Consume green tea, beets, seasonal fruits, tomatoes, nuts and seeds as much as you can to boost and improve your lung health and capacity.


4. Regular Breathing Exercises

Breathlessness and obstructed oxygen flow is a familiar symptom of COVID severity. Covid patients need to practice breathing exercises – deep breathing, meditative postures which help them breathe better and improves the blood flow to their lung and chest passageways.

Pranayam has been praised as an exercise to improve lung functioning. If any patients suffer from breathing problems and fluctuating oxygen levels; they can exercise using respirometers, which help them achieve good lung health.


5. Take Flu Shots

To curb Covid risks, post-recovery take flu shots as it will diminish the problem of chronic respiratory distress which many Covid patients experience. In some cases, flu shots are considered to speed up recovery. It helps curb respiratory complications in high-risk age groups and keeps you protected from additional ills.


6. Consume foods which help boost lung capacity

For post-COVID Patients, you must consume seasonal fruits, jaggery and citrus foods, to improve lung health and combat breathlessness. It is advisable for every Covid patient to eat food which is high in Vitamins and minerals to boost the immunity. Tumeric and Garlic should be consumed as they are antioxidant-rich foods. Also make sure you consume a lot of Omega-3 Rich foods, which will help you control inflammations in the lungs and reduce the risk of other respiratory problems.

Note: For better lung health, one must avoid consuming an abundance of processed and refined foods.


7. No Smoking (Active and Passive)

You have fought against the monster (COVID19), smoke only if you wish to meet the monster again. Smoking will put you at risk for contracting and transmitting COVID. Also, it’s one of the worst things you can do to your lungs, which in future may lead to lung cancer. Tobacco and smoking cause extra stress on your vitals, increase the possibility of developing other lung health problem.



For every Post- COVID patient, it’s necessary to keep lungs healthy and it’s only possible when the patient practices good habits. Nutritious food, good exercise and hydration can go a long way in helping everyone to avoid complications in future.

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