10 Alternative Cancer Treatments to Get Relief Fast

Many people suffering from cancer are looking out for alternative ways that can provide them some relief from this deadly ailment. Alternative cancer treatments cannot cure cancer, but they may offer some relief from cancer symptoms and signs. 

Common signs like fatigue, nausea, anxiety, pain, stress, vomiting, and difficulty sleeping can be reduced to a great extent by alternative treatments. No matter at which stage of cancer you are, working closely with the doctor can help you determine the correct balance between cancer treatment medicines and alternative cancer options. 

In this post, we share the 10 alternative cancer treatments that have shown promising results in helping people with cancer.


1. Aromatherapy


This treatment uses fragrant oils to offer calming sensations. Oils are infused with scents like lavender or sandal and applied to the skin during a massage. Fragrant oils can be added during a bath or heated to release the scent into the air. 

Aromatherapy is useful in relieving stress, pain, and nausea.


2. Acupuncture


During this treatment, expert positions small needles at precise points into the skin. As per studies, this treatment is useful to relieve nausea triggered by chemotherapy.

It is a safe treatment if performed by an expert and licensed practitioner. It also relieves certain kinds of pain in people with cancer.


3. Massage


A massage is a great way to relax muscles, skin, and knead tendons. When done regularly it relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation. 

Massage can be gentle, light, and is absolutely safe when done by a knowledgeable massage therapist. However, a cancer patient must not go for a massage if the blood counts are extremely low.


4. Exercise 


With regular exercise, it is possible to manage cancer symptoms and signs to a great extent. Exercise relieves stress and fatigue and helps cancer patients to sleep better. People who perform exercise regularly are able to live longer and gain an overall improved quality of life. If you are wheelchair bound, do have a look on these exercises that can be performed on a wheelchair.


5. Hypnosis


It is known as a deep state of concentration. The hypnosis sessions are conducted by therapists to let you relax and stay calm. The therapists help patients to focus on goals like reducing stress and controlling pain.


6. Music Therapy


This is again practiced in sessions where you can play instruments, listen to music, sing songs or lyrics. The sessions are performed by trained therapists 

This therapy is absolutely safe and does not need any special skills or talent to participate. 


7. Meditation


This is a state of deep concentration and lets the mind of patients focus on a single image, idea or sound, like positive thought. While meditating, a patient can also practice relaxation and deep breathing exercise. 

It is a safe practice and let patients meditate for a few minutes twice or once a day.


8. Tai Chi


This is a kind of exercise that involves deep breathing and gentle movements. Make sure it is instructed only by a professional instructor. Practicing tai chi regularly helps to relieve stress.

It is usually safe as slow Tai Chi movements do not require much physical strength.


9. Relaxation Techniques


There are different relaxation techniques available to relax the various body parts and calm your muscles and mind. These activities include progressive muscle relaxation or visualization.

Such activities are helpful in relieving fatigue and anxiety. Also, it helps people suffering from cancer to sleep better. These techniques are safe and once you know how to do it, you can practice them on your own.


10. Yoga


It involves deep breathing with stretching exercises. Yoga session needs you to pose in different ways involving bending, stretching, and twisting. There are different kinds of yoga, each having its own variations.

Yoga offers great relief from stress to people with cancer. Also, it is proven to reduce fatigue and improve sleep. But before you start with a yoga class, do consult a doctor and avoid doing yoga if it causes pain.

Each patient is different. While some alternative treatments may work well for one person, the same may not work well for others. Hence, depending on your physical condition, age, stage of cancer, and other factors you must pick an alternative cancer treatment. Most importantly, do consult your doctor before you take any final decision. 

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