About Dr. Amit Gandhi – Best Oncologist in Parel 

Dr Amit Gandhi Finished MS General Surgery From KEM Hospital

After which he did Comprehensive Cancer training at Tata Memorial Hospital for 5 yrs.

He finished his residency at Tata in 2008, later established the Cansure centre cancer clinic with the intention to provide comprehensive cancer care and treatment for cancer under one roof.

A selfless being, whose only burning desire is to benefit the suffering patient at any cost and to bring a smile of hope on his face and make it REAL. He is a live example of IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

As an Oncologist he has successfully accomplished 8000 surgeries in last 15 yrs which includes some of the most complicated and rarest surgeries being performed with great precision.

Never fear cancer; let it fear you are his words to every cancer patient he meets.

A cancer patient who gets in touch with Dr Gandhi is sure to experience the positive of everything he is facing.

He is well known for his dedication towards work and thirst for knowledge.

Affiliated to :
Cumballa Hill Hospital (Grant Road, Mumbai)
Zynova hospital, (Ghatkopar, Mumbai)
Vertex Hospital, (Mulund, Mumbai)

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Word cancer is so scary, but he makes life wonderful, undoubtedly a very good onco surgeno.

Miss Muskaan

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