6 Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer you should know about

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

myths and facts about breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. As a result, there is a renewed urgency to address breast cancer and spread awareness to help affected families. Breast cancer starts in one or both breasts. This blog discusses the top myths and facts about breast cancer. 

Myths and Facts about breast cancer

MYTH: There is no family history of breast cancer; I won’t get it.

FACT: Breast cancer is not always a hereditary disease. Studies suggest that only 5–10% of breast cancers are believed to be inherited. This number suggests that other lifestyle and environmental factors can be the culprit. 

Still, doctors suggest if there is a family history of cancer in your family, take regular screenings to rule out its occurrence. 


MYTH: I stay fit and active, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and eat healthy food; then, I need not worry about breast cancer.

FACT: Staying fit help lower the risk associated with breast cancer but can’t eliminate it. Many people do everything right and still get breast cancer. It’s important to keep an eye on unusual changes in your breasts, get regular screenings, and perform breast self-exams.


MYTH: Breast cancer is caused by wearing tight and wired bras.

FACT: The media hyped this myth, but there is no evidence to prove it. Scientifically, if you wear a tight underwired bra, there is a chance that it may restrict the flow of lymph fluid, causing toxic substances to build up in the breast tissue. But studies suggest there is no link between wearing bras and breast cancer. 


MYTH: Applying underarm antiperspirant can cause breast cancer.

FACT: There are 2 types of rumors regarding underarm antiperspirants; first, they get absorbed into the lymph nodes and reach the breast cells, increasing the risk of cancer. Secondly, by stopping underarm sweating, antiperspirants tend to prevent the release of toxic substances from the lymph nodes under the arm, increasing the risk of cancer. 

However, there is no proven evidence to link the use of antiperspirants with breast cancer. But if the antiperspirant has aluminum content or women are using aluminum products under their arms, there are chances of higher concentrations of aluminum in breast tissue. 


MYTH: Only middle-aged and older women can be affected by breast cancer. 

FACT: While growing, women are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer; it can also affect younger women and men. In the last 5 years, one in every 25 invasive breast cancer cases occurred in women under 40. It’s rare in men, but men too can get breast cancer as they also have breast tissues.

Dr. Amit Gandhi recommends women with a strong family history of breast cancer undergo screenings and diagnostic procedures before age 40. 


MYTH: All types of breast cancers have similar treatments. 

FACT: There are different treatment plans, varying based on the type of breast cancer and also the preference of the patient.


Dr. Amit Gandhi tailors a treatment plan for each patient by considering and evaluating the different factors like the size, stage, grade, and location of cancer. 

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Amit has a record of 5000+ successful surgeries. Book an appointment for a consultation.

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